Color Powder in Containers

Color Powder in Containers

Colored Powder in Containers

Piles of colored powder in containers sold in the market place in Mysore, India. It is used to draw designs on the floor in front of homes and by doorways, they call it Rangoli.  After the front is swept and swabbed  early in the morning the ground is decorated by the hands of a skillful woman of the household. It is also used in the a festival called Holi, welcoming spring. It is a fun festival, people go around the neighborhood throwing color on each other.

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Stone carving of an Angel

True acts of kindness

Nature of kindness


Acts of kindness should have no headdress for feathers to keep, nor should it make one stoop to be decorated.                                                       As if the left does not know what the right has given.                         Good deeds are pure when we mention it not, nor do we flaunt or publish aloud.                                                                                                             When true compassion rather than pity prevails and when we have no intention for desire to triumph, we have indeed accomplished the true act of altruism and kindness.

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Relic-Inside Belur temple

Relic- Inside Chanakeshava Temple

 A Relic

Chanakeshava Temple is a temple in India that doesn’t fully function. Built in the 1100′s and into the 1200′s by King Vishnuvardhan. It is believed that sometime in the 1400′s it was looted and plundered and ever since that time the temple stopped functioning as a regular temple. But the amazing sculptures turned it into a ‘relic’ attracting tourist from all over.


celling St. Patricks Cathedral


Leftovers and Sloppy Seconds


A mid western 19-year-old kid named Jim from Indiana has left the confines of home to venture out into world. Home for him, felt like a tragedy and now he had to give himself a chance to make it on his own and hoped that luck would be on his side.

It was 5 a.m. and it was his birthday, when he was rudely woken-up by the yelling and screaming of his dad and mom downstairs. This normalcy defiantly could drive any depleted youngster crazy. He shuffles out of bed, dodging the piles of stuff that laid scattered on his bedroom floor- dirty cloths, dishes, plates, fast food boxes, wrappers, plastic cutlery, bones and half eaten food-entering the bathroom to take a piss, and then stares into the grimy mirror in the bathroom for a minute or two, and suddenly hastens back into his room and starts to search in some boxes. Rummaging through them he has finally gathered $183. 23. Very quickly he gathers some cloths and throws it into a duffel bag and scampers downstairs once all seem quite and leaves home. He takes one last look, tears had filled his eyes as he began to briskly walk away. Where or what was he planning to go or do?

Several hours later, he was standing outside Time Square in New York City, counting the remnants of his impoverished pockets, he was left with just 13 dollars and some change, after paying for his bus fare and food. The frightened dazed look on his face said it all, what had he got himself into! Perhaps his dream place is more that he bargained for; and now he needed to come up with something very quickly. The move was made, and now even if he wanted to go back where was the money going to come from!

Broke and an absolute stranger in arguably one of the biggest cities in the world, it seemed like he was in a boat with no ores, all he could hope for was luck to be on his side. Unfortunately for Jim he was equipped with a turbulent past, all he had observed and experienced was physical and mental abuse. From a tender age he was belittled, constantly being told he was useless and good for nothing, his self-esteem and confidence must be at an all time low, with the added pressure of homelessness, and if he had no frame of reference to happy days, how was he to find it now.

Sitting on a park bench you could nous young Jim bewilderment; his demeanor was like he could never blow this dark and dreary cloud that has followed him even into New York. Lucky for him it was the end of spring and had all summer to find the sails to his boat.

A month had gone by and Jim had still to figure thing out. Wandering the streets of New York, spending his nights on one of the benches by Madison Square Park in Manhattan.  He was left at the mercy of organizations like-Green harvest, soup kitchens run by churches, and some generous citizens of New York City, he had managed to survive.

Was this the life Jim aspired to have? What about his future? My heart goes out for him, with just a high school education there is not much he can do. Does he have the sense to realize this? Or is time going to wiz him by before he realizes? Jim a destitute with a wardrobe from discarded cloths and leftover food after others have had their bellies full, he hangs on to life.

‘Seek and you shall find’ says the beatitudes; it is for those that have nothing that great teachers came for to find shelter, refuge and recovery. Now he has to find it.


To be continued on an appropriate writing challenge… 

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Spiders web

Fifty Word inspiration

Fifty words

The deeper you go, the higher you get,                                                            The higher you fly the freer you are,                                                                 The freer you feel, closer are you to the next haven you have never seen.                                                                                                                                           It is due to our fears that we hold on so tightly,                                                 So let go,  hands full cannot receive.


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