Valentines Day

Weekly Writing Challenge:My Funny Valentine?

It is Valentines Day, Wow!! Things seem to be going his way, could it be that redhead across the street that Shah-Jahan Williams secretively admires?

Shah-Jahan, a preppy Singaporean attends a top Chefs school in Hyde Park, New York. Expecting a large inheritance from his rich dad, he has plans to start his own chain of restaurants after he is done with school. But today, it is the day for lovers and Shajahan is wishing… wishing so hard he would find her or perhaps anyone to fill in this lonely night. He was going out with some of his buddies from school tonight. Continue reading


Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 Words


This is not a prescribed religion it is only a method to figure out your own mind; any one with regular practice can achieve it. Let me warn you this is not for the faint of heart, because you will stand face to face with your own demons, buried somewhere deep in your sub-conscious. Your only weapons will be:-

• Will-power

• Drive

• Determination

• Focus

• Concentration

• Desire

• Passion

So saddle up and lets take this journey!!! Continue reading


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