The Smoking bottle

Capturing smoke escape from a bottle

What IS soon becomes what WAS,

Just like a flash of lightning it lasts only to record its presence.

A photograph may linger on a little longer, perhaps even longer that the one that takes it.

Like at many burials the preacher says, dust to dust and ashes to ashes, we all return to the source, unrecognizable regardless to how dear and steadfast we hold on to it.  Everything is fleeting… all is ephemeral!


Red Rose buds

Oh youth, how well you package me, hiding all my drawbacks, short comings and inequities…. Soon when you fade away, how will I be? How will I hide my faults, blemishes and transgressions?  For the only thing that is certain to stay, is ephemerality of all things.

Cannonball Flowers

An offering to Lord Shiva

This is called the cannonball flower, found mainly in the Amazon and in tropical climates such as India.

It is believed that the hindu God, Love Shiva loves these flowers. When I was in India in 2014 I took this picture of fresh flowers which were being offered to him-Lord Shiva-as an offering during puja otherwise know as worship or prayer.

Shiva is the cosmic dancer representing destruction, and in all destructions comes the restorations, He is the cosmic fire that destroys and in that destruction come renewal of all things.  Like a volcano that erupts, initially it may seem as destruction but over time the soil bears rich fertile soil for all growth,

I hope you enjoy to beauty of this quite rare flower, just as Lord Shiva does.

When I am alone


In a Contemplative State of Mind


Oh Secrets… where are you hidden within me?

Help me find you no matter how deep and buried you may be.

You maybe boons, triumphs or valor that I’d love to embrace, or…you may be dark, dingy, ugly torments that I find hard to prepare to meet.

Whatever or wherever you are… where did you come from? Are you hand me downs from generations and generations gone by? Or… could it be my own making? Or, perhaps… will I pass it down for generations to come?

Whatever they are… give me the joys that I may enjoy them now, and…and…grant me the strength, bravery and courage to handle the demons I may encounter that I have put off for too, too long.

For secrets that lay hidden can only be burdens for so long.  Expose them soon; please expose them soon, for it’s time to turn them into milestones. The time is now; the time is now… don’t you know, tomorrow ceases the moment we reach it!

Where the Aisles meet the pews

St. Patrick’s cathedral

The pattern drew my attention-where the  entry to the pews met the aisle – I hope all those that visit enjoy and hopefully  feel the same.

Thanks for visiting.

A Green & A Red Tomato

I refuse to stand behind someones shadow

In life there are times when we may feel small, insignificant and over shadowed by a great big giant, but if we stop, think and look within we will soon realize that we are rich, ripe and full of potential.

All we need to do is step into the light and create our own shadow and not stand behind someone else’s.

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