The Dancing Shiva

Shiva is one part of the Trinity-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

He is said to be in deep penance and disturbing his deep focus can mean a fury that can unleash devastation  never seen before. But at the same time it is believed that he is easy to please. Devotion and prayer to him he grants you whatever  you want.

He is the free spirited supreme soul that most sanyasies follow. They are the ones that have renounced the world, In so doing, one is never born again, just like the great one ‘Buddha’. They are the ones that beg for their existence on this earth. Just sit and ponder about it for a minute… Perhaps what most of the world sees as  very important is like for them a grown up looking at a toy car or doll.  Just a memory with no importance.

When Shiva’s consort Parvati asks him the meaning of life  and the true understanding of all that exists, Shiva communicated to her at nonverbal frequency, a level so high we human can’t comprehend and in his narration he divulges over 200 tantras which humans can use to reach enlightenment.

The first tantra is breath. It is the observation of the cycle of breath that is the first thing all living things do. It is the never taught nor learnt, just done. This is the tantra so famously used by Lord Buddha to reach enlightenment. This is an amazing technic to initiate the process of mediation. Try it and you will be amazed.

There are I think five of them that is related to sex and here in the west these are the ones that peaked the interest of so many. Hence the curiosity of Kama Sutra began.

This is barely even scratch the surface of a very interesting subject – birth and death – after all most are scared to enter the deep ocean of our subconscious mind, just satisfied with hand me down beliefs and dogmas.that are known as religion.

Downtown Manhattan

Green leaves against a tall Skyscraper

This picture was shot in Downtown Manhattan on a warm summer afternoon. Walking around I saw some interesting well polished granite benches, so I took a few pictures of them and sat on one of then,  I looked up, and there were these leaves that looked like stars against a tall typical Wall Street building and this was what I got. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking the picture.

Brooklyn Bridge

Who is this?

And what does it mean….?


Little Jack a 5-year old boy sat perched up on his living room windowsill while his tired mother laid asleep on their leather couch after all the hard yard work she had done that morning. This was a favorite spot of his; from here he got a great view of their beautiful garden that his mother toiled with pride to keep up.

The fountain in the yard was a spot that the birds frequented to get a drink and dunk and roll around in the shallow birdbath. This seemed to be Jack’s time pass especially when his mother would watch TV, or like today rest, soon she would have to be busy fixing supper before dad walked in from work. Suddenly, Jack jumped off the sill and ran to the back door. What was he up to now? As he opened the back door the reason was abundantly clear, it was the voices from behind, Continue reading Who is this?

A Loaf of Buckwheat & Millet

Open Sandwiches

A few post ago I posted just the flour of Buckwheat & Millet, after some tinkering with the ingredients I came up with a loaf of Buckwheat & Millet. I am posting the recipe for you to try.


  • Since it is gluten-free the structure is rather fragile unlike regular bread. But with some creativity you can do a lot with it.
  • Try to slice as thin as possible, be careful too thin and it will break and if it is too thick it is dense, find a happy medium.
  • For savory open sandwiches mist it with some herbs, lemon, water and sea-salt and then place your toppings.
  • If you are going to use it for something like a peanut butter and honey sandwich mist with lemon and raw cane sugar solution.

I had some guests over so I decided to make some open sandwiches,  I came up with about 8 variations and served it, It came out pretty good, I’m posting some of the pictures so that you get an idea and perhaps you can come up with something fantastic.

I’d love to know what you came up with…..

Recipe Loaf of Buckwheat & Millet


I cup Buckwheat flour

1 cup Millet flour

1 Tsp. Jaggrey/raw sugar

1 packet of yeast

1 cup of warm water

1 Tsp, olive oil

1 tsp. sea salt

1 Tsp. of fresh rosemary finely chopped


Place warm water- about 105° f -mix in yeast and stir, add the jaggrey or raw cane sugar to the mixture and allow to germinate for about 5-10 minutes.

Then add liquid to the millet and buckwheat and mix well, then add the salt and fresh rosemary and olive oil, allow it to rise for about an hour. Use a loaf pan that is well greased and floured. A nonstick loaf pan will work very well.

This mix will not rise too much because the flour is quite dense, but the trade off is it’s gluten free. Make sure you place it in a warm moist place. Just about the stove with the oven on will keep it warm. You can also place a pot of water on the burner to create a moist environment. Allow it to sit for about an hour

After about an hour place the dough in a double boil and cover both with foil. This is key, other wise you will have a dry loaf.  But make sure the loaf pan is not over the ¾ level to avoid the dough from touching the foil covering.

Bake for about an hour remove from pan and place on a rack to cool.

Then slice and serve with  your favorite spread, or follow my lead, use it for open sandwiches.


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