Color Powder in Containers

Color Powder in Containers

Colored Powder in Containers

Piles of colored powder in containers sold in the market place in Mysore, India. It is used to draw designs on the floor in front of homes and by doorways, they call it Rangoli.  After the front is swept and swabbed  early in the morning the ground is decorated by the hands of a skillful woman of the household. It is also used in the a festival called Holi, welcoming spring. It is a fun festival, people go around the neighborhood throwing color on each other.

Weekly Photo challenge Containers

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17 thoughts on “Color Powder in Containers

  1. Beautiful and unique shot! ~SueBee

  2. lovely colours.

  3. lovely vibrant color – great photo.

  4. Absolutely wonderful! The colors are so bright and beautiful. Nicely captured and perfect for the challenge.!

  5. Stunning intensity in the colours.

  6. Very nice photography.

    • Thank U so much….That was taken in the market place in Mysore, what a lovely city it is.

      • I am going to Mysore soon with my family for a weekend trip 🙂 I will try to visit the market place of Mysore.

      • That is a great idea……in fact the Maharaj’s palace is the main attraction. It is a vey well planned city without the craziness like Bangalore.

        Bangalore has literally been destroyed with progress superseding infrastructure If you ask a local they will say it is unlivable. So go figure……!!!

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