Pocket with dollars

The Pocket

After a hard night’s work….

My friend works the night shift and after a hard days work it’s the dollars that matter….Or does it really?


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24 thoughts on “The Pocket

  1. Superb question. I like the way the dollar bills have hints of colour, like what is the colour of money?! Awesome subtext.

  2. Good question. It depends on how much you need it I suppose…a very big and small question at the same time.

  3. I wish they didn’t matter!
    -Nice post though! 🙂

  4. Great interpretation! I love the colors and textures.


  5. The picture says enough to make one want to know all about what it doesn’t say!
    *going all pedantic* Shouldn’t that be ‘a hard night’s work’? 🙂

  6. … and is that a Euro bill I spot there…? The global economy, pocket size!

  7. I love the three dualities – the mix of thing s- the mix of money – the mix of fabric (wool and flannel) and the mix of your words- the money matters or does it?
    so good.

    • Thank again….You have really broken it down exactly the way I thought when I saw the cloths, colors and texture. And of course I used every thing I saw and enhanced it to stage the photograph.

      Don’t be a strange come again and in fact take a look at my other postings, I’m quite sure you will enjoy it.

      • I will be back for sure – and I had a chance to look around today (could not find your broken post – not sure if you did one) – but I will be back for sure!

  8. Thanks for such a nice photo and the thought-provoking caption.

  9. Nice shot of detail . . . the jacket and plaid . . . want to know more of the story, which makes a good photograph.

  10. Enough money for food, a roof, a few clothes and trips to the sea shore. And for the kids if you have them. After that the value of each dollar earned drops precipitously

    Very nice pockets.

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