Number 9 west 57th Street in Manhattan, New York

No. 9 West 57th Street

5th & 57th Street

I guess you can’t miss it!!

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50 thoughts on “No. 9 West 57th Street

  1. bright and coloursul will never miss this one!

  2. This is beautiful. How can one miss it? :’)
    Brilliant work, as always. I wish I lived where you do right now, it seems like a wonderful place for photography. Good luck to you.

  3. Yup _ can’t miss this – and love the lights in your cool photo – 😉

  4. Great shot- I temped for awhile in that building, but can’t believe how many people will overlook it!

  5. I like this photo a lot!

  6. Very beautiful light in this one… and acctually you can miss it. My first thought was “why did he shoot a photo of a mirrored (is it a excisting word?) letter ‘e’! Then I saw it…

  7. Great shot! I love it 🙂

  8. This one deserves to be a magazine cover. Perfect lights, angle, and colors. Stunning!

  9. Oh, my college roommate had her first job here, so I have been there many times! Great memories of midtown NYC!

  10. Wow! So vibrant :)… how can one miss it….

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting…..
      If you look down in the comments you will find one blogger say that he/she worked in the building and many missed it. I think it is the east-west mix up, if you know what I mean.

  11. sharingiscaring00 on said:

    Big and very bright, hard to miss for sure…thanks for stopping at my blog…bless you

  12. wow! great perspective and great colours!!! Like!

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