empty subway

Content of consciousness

Is it a lonely ride…. Or!


The human mind is always engaged in a constant uncontrollable chatter… and soon, habits are formed whether they are destructively addictive or distractively perfunctory routines. Soon over time we end up mired with unnecessary clutter.

The mental restlessness becomes unbearable; most they seek quick fixes to ease the pain, but for a few, just a handful among the masses, there is another way. The mental anguish no pill can ease, for true cure is only in clearing out the cache we have collected in our mind.

When our content of consciousness unwinds and vacates its content, we soon find its opposite in its opposite, for without darkness there can be no light, and without pain there can be no pleasure.

As the noble and the enlightened know the value of self-awareness for it is selflessness. It is the emptying of the mind that attains nothingness. This is where resides the pure, if there really is such a thing, and soon oneness turns to nothingness. There are those that believe we arrive at that juncture where no stage ever exists…No birth no death we have achieved the abyss.

A sustained submission to one thought can we attain no thought which is pure of ourselves or should I say selflessness of ones self… PURE, or is it even required to be acknowledged?


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29 thoughts on “Content of consciousness

  1. Very nice interpretation of the Pure prompt. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow – this was deep and well written – many of these sentences I had to read a couple times – and fantastic take on pure!
    Also – the blue in the seats on your photo had such a pure hue – and how did you get that shot with no people?

    • AAHH…..I so glad you asked, doesn’t it feel so strange, in a city of over 8.4 million busy folks I managed to get this shot…..

      It was very late at night at a station at the beginning or end however you’d like to approach it, and there was this one train across the platform with all the doors closed excepting one, so I entered and took that shot.

      So now you and all that read this comment know……

      I should confess, this short post is not for every one. If you meditate and really get into it there comes a point where the brain with all the bits of information it has collected over time will stand still. This point and moment is a fascinating moment. It is only experienced and very difficult to explain…..

      And by the way, the brain get over 11 million bits of information every second, just think about that, it food for thought.

      • More food for thought – yikes – better grab another cup of java – but even with all those bits – isn’t it that we can still basically hold 7 items (plus or minus two) in our working mind – hmmm

        And I was wondering if you paid folks to stand back for the photo opp! Kidding -!
        But it looks like the time was really right!

      • Wow that would take a boat load of money to the pay the MTA…..They have there hands out all the time picking the publics pocket…..

        And about the bits of information the brain receives -11 million a second- well it only keeps whats necessary and just skips the rest. I would think its like having a huge space with no boundaries and we just pick up what is more salient .

        I suppose this is where the subliminal stuff kicks in that the big advertisers use and deny that it work. Hmm….wonder why they spend millions of dollars

      • Ah dear blogging photographer philosopher (nice nickname – eh?) – well I think u are so so so right on the advertising – and I like the “hug space with no boundaries” description –

      • Thank U very much I LOVE, LOVE the name u have garlanded me with. I am going to wear it…..

      • Ha’- well glad I could help with a name – 😉 that would be BPP for short – or not….. Lol

      • That is so funny…..really, God what a typo can do, feels like they say the difference between the lip and a sip, and if u don’t understand I will be glad to explain!!!

      • Differently….works for me!!

        I guess our code abbreviation, wonderful!!! Others would have to read it to understand, otherwise…..Uhhhaaa!!!

      • “and I like the “hug space with no boundaries” description”…..Please explain, what are you referring to…..

      • Well sorry – I had a typo in there – but I was referring to your last reply to me and hug was supposed to be huge – from this:

        “And about the bits of information the brain receives -11 million a second- well it only keeps whats necessary and just skips the rest. I would think its like having a huge space with no boundaries and we just pick up what is more salient”

  3. I agree with other comments. Very well written and a very different take on Pure. Well done 🙂

  4. nvsubbaraman on said:

    I feel it has got to be acknowledged.

  5. Wow. What do I even say… thought provoking to the core. A beautiful shot.

  6. Well said. Thank you for sharing your insights!

  7. Saving this post . . . “clearing out the cache we have collected in our mind” . . . nicely said and in such a current context. Like the vivid color in the subway car. Well done all around.

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