Bloomburg Building at night

In Manhattan

It pays to look up!

The Bloomberg building

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47 thoughts on “In Manhattan

  1. that’s so neat!

  2. Interesting lighting 🙂

  3. Yes it sure does! Such a great light in this picture.

    • I was luck to have found this building all lit up…..and Lena thanks for your lovely comments, couldn’t do it without you!!

      • I think you do great without them 😉 but your welcome!

      • Do u realize comments make a difference to a post, it lends so much value when others get their prospective.

        Well that is just my humble opinion and you are true blogger that not just likes a post, you take your precious time to stop by and comment. That is very valuable to me.

        Thanks any way Lena!

      • I agree with you, it does make a difference that someone is taking the time to comment on your posts. I was just teasing you a bit. And I am not good at responding to compliments/nice comments… I often try to make jokes about that kind of words. I will try not to in the future.

      • Lena I just LOVE your jokes, please, please don’t stop…..Did u translate it from Swedish? LOL!!!

      • Hey…. that’s not fair 😀 I try to do without google!

      • And Lena whats life without a laugh, so please don’t change. I do understand.

      • Hm… I will take that under considerations… he he!!

      • Yes…….

  4. It definitely pays to look up in the Big Apple, great shot.

  5. An now I have AHA’s Manhattan skyline ringing in my head – I like that ringing!

  6. What a beautiful photo!

    • Thank you so very much!

      I agree it is one of my favorite buildings in Manhattan, I should take more pictures of the building to give it its full due. Another time and perhaps another posting is due….

  7. beautiful shot – I love the urban nighttime shot. There is so much to see when you look up. Have a wonderful day.

    • Thanks Clay, I completely agree with you. New York is a place that you either love or hate, I’m sure you get the feeling on which side I am.

      • I used to think city life was for me, until I lived in downtown Chicago for a few months. That was twenty-five years ago and I am suburbanite to the core. Grew up in a suburb and have been living in one since. I think my experience with city-life was more about where I was in Chicago more than the city, my dad lived in Paris for years and I’d visit occasionally I dreamed of living there – easy to get around as I’m sure Chicago is, if you know the ropes, I didn’t. Have a great day and keep sending amazing photos of that beautiful city.

      • Living in the suburbs really gives you the best of both worlds, I also live about 40 miles away from NYC and understand exactly what you are saying. However now a days urban living has become a much desired lifestyle for many.

        New York City as far as I’m concerned has never grown stale.

        Thanks for your wonderful comments!!

  8. Wow that is some shot!

  9. My Mother would have called this an “Imagination Picture”…surely turns the curiosity on!

  10. I love the colors and the shape of the building. :’)

  11. It certainly does. Glad you did!

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