Buddha on the dashboard


On a dashboard…

‘All conditioned things are impermanent’ — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.” The Buddha.

I took the road from Birgunj, to Katmandu, Nepal, as expected the scenery was just spectacular but the roads treacherous. Parts of the journey were just mud roads, imagine what it would be during the rainy season. Thank God it was a beautiful sunny day. The driver was really amazing, driving through these narrow dangerous roads with steep cliffs takes tremendous skill and technic to navigate through these mountains… hats off to these drivers!

Well, taking photos was another challenge. These testy bends will take several trips up and down this path to a master the art of taking pictures in the Himalayan mountain range, Although I was able to take some video footage with my half charged iPhone, I really regret not having a full charge. Where as a dslr, I had to just give-up taking pictures. Maybe on my way back I’ll equip myself a monopod to rest my camera and hopefully share with you the spectacular views.

At one of the stops alone the way I took some pictures, and there was this little figurine of Buddha wrapped with prayer beads and some rupees rolled up like a cigarette stuck into the beads that drew my attention… So here it is!




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10 thoughts on “Buddha

  1. It is a great photograph!

  2. Cool capture. Hope to see photos of the mountains soon!!

  3. I love the colors and the capture. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful snapshot. Btw, what places you plan to visit?

    • Very sorry for not replying to your comments earlier.

      I visited quite a few places- Nepal then back into India. Varanasi was my highlight, where I did a lot of film more that photography.

      Mysore I used as my base in India, so the south of India was very well covered. I also visited Goa. I really had a splendid time, I soon will share some of them to all of you, so please stop by.

      I plan to edit them and post it on youtube soon. I’ll probably post links on my blog soon.

      Thanks for your wonderful comments and I hope stop by more often.

  5. What I like most about this shot is not just the Buddha, but the watch that looks like it is held up by a piece of chewing gum.

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