Mountains of Nepal

2018 is here…

Happy New Year!


Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018, may it bring you and your family all the luck in the world.

Since I was traveling the latter part of the year my ability to blog was limited. Get wifi was quite an ordeal, but with my insatiable desire for travel it might as well take second place, the wifi that is, and especially with a camera and smart phone at hand it makes it all the more easy. I came back to New York with a ton of pictures and video footage, now is the second half, sorting and editing.

After almost 4 months of travel there is so much of catching up to do, there are so many loose ends I’m still in the process. But needless to say, finally I managed to have some time to share with you 17 photographs celebrating 2017. I earnestly hope you enjoy what I saw and experienced.

Just a little about my visit to India…I setup base in a lovely city called Mysore in the south of India and traveled all over right up into Katmandu, Nepal, which is way up in the north. Most of the pictures were taken from the train. Getting tickets was quite arduous at times, but I somehow was able to get it. Long train rides can be a lot of fun with the right attitude, although very tiring. But eventually it is the sights and people that make it worth your while.

So without further ado, heres what I have for you!. Tell me what you think,


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17 thoughts on “2018 is here…

  1. These are stunning images that give a great flavour of your travels! Thank you so much for sharing and we wish you a very happy and blessed 2018 ☺🎉🍀

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family. Blessed 2018.

  3. You amaze me. I’m in awe of these pictures. They tell a story. :’)

  4. Beautiful photos!

  5. Happy 2018 to you! Thank you for the beautiful 2017 gallery!

  6. You spent 4 months in India? Incredible! How did you get such long holidays from your work?

    • I never thought anyone would ask me that question….

      Well, in this internet age a lot of work can be done online and of course if you work for yourself you have that liberty.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • I thought so 😉 I was working in a company for long years but recently decided to quit and start as a freelancer. It indeed gives much more freedom. I hope, I will succeed 😀

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