Silver man

Silver man

Painted in White

Walking around Bangalore some where in Jayanagar I came across the man walking around painted in white and when you have a camera you have to click it, I guess!!

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6 thoughts on “Silver man

  1. What a fantastic find. Great click too.

  2. Timelesslady on said:

    I would have clicked too. Great pic.

  3. luckyhiro on said:

    What a fascinating picture! This photo invites a person in, to wonder where is he going and why would he paint himself? Makes you use your imagination. Fantastic picture!

    • Thats exactly what I thought… I never made an inquiry as to why he was doing what he was doing, I just watched and did not want to disturb his space. Sometimes it’s good to allow the spontaneity to continue.

      Thanks for your thought provoking comment.

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