Time Square?

 On a Friday Night in May of 2020

With fear we forfeit our freedoms, Time and tide waits for nobody, we cannot stop living waiting for a cure for a virus because viruses have existed before man. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Never before have we ever seen any thing like this. A total shut down of the entire world. How can anyone explain this. The fear is greater than the virus it seems. The authorities have behaved as as if we live forever and this virus has come and put an end to our happy eternal life. The CDC clams a 0.26% death rate and we have disrupted so many lives.  So many livelihoods destroyed, suicides increased, homes lost, depression and fear has possessed the world. Our freedoms have been taken away and we are relinquishing it. Is life living without freedom worthwhile?

Friends in India tell me that at the beginning of this fiasco labourers had no food or drink walked for miles and mile some almost  six to seven hundred Kilometres, just imagine. In Nepal the military have locked down the cities, enforcing a curfew that has shut down banks, stores and just living in general taking the masses to hell.

I could go on and on with now end in sight, ultimately  we have to realise authorities don’t seem to care. All I can say is let the seeds of strength, freedom and liberty start to be sown in our minds and ways will open for sanity to prevail


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7 thoughts on “Time Square?

  1. Sorry, I don‘t agree. This virus is worse than Ebola or dengue fibre as it spreads more easily. This one has the potential to efficiently decrease the human population on this planet (which is, unfortunately, needed for not over-consumpt the limited resources)

    • Thanks for your comments. A dialog is very hard to reach as our opinions are so far apart.

      My blog posts are here for me to just have fun but this time I couldn’t help it. Seeing my city in this state makes me cry. Its so sad to see this amazing city die.

      When the CDC says 99.74% will not die while over 80% won’t even know they are effected and the rest will only have a cough or a cold, leaving a very small portion of the population that get effected it makes absolutely no sense.

      • That’s definitely true. The virus exists and not testing won’t help anyone get the right treatment. Looking on this comment, it seems to me, our opinion differ not that much. This virus and its effect on the human body are a challenge for the medical researchers. But, all people are use to get answers (medicine anf treatments) at once. That’s the problem. So, we have 2 main problem: 1. ignorance of the existence of the virus (and the need for unpopular orders) 2. lack of really powerful treatments

      • Like I said we are too far apart, our values are in different places. I guess you are not getting my point. It’s ok, you don’t have to be on the same page as I am.

  2. I agree with you – the response is far worse than the disease. I stopped believing the media long ago and I don’t know who to trust, so I pray for peace. Peace.

    • Thank you for your comments. I’m stunned in how gullible people. I think people over time have learnt to obey. It is nothing but control and power that is placed over us.
      When I walk around I feel I’m in an other reality. Covering our faces with masks breathing the same toxic are we are breathing. Makes no sense.

      I believe in the power of our minds. My request to all is this-in our minds we do not accept this reality, start seeing it every day, every single day from now on…. the best of times that each and everyone of us have seen. And you will definitely see in time, we will prevail this way of thinking will soon infect the world greater than the fear of this dark cloud that is hovering over us all.

    • Please past on and let it snowball and may PEACE, LOVE AND MOST OF ALL FREEDOM PERMEATE THE WORLD.

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